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Investing In Taupo, Kinloch & Turangi

Investing In Taupo, Kinloch & Turangi

The Taupō, Turangi and Kinloch Real Estate markets are on a steadily improving path which is positive and exciting news for the local economy. Throughout 2015 and 2016 we saw a gradual increase in sales volumes and values, and 2017 is looking to be similar and should be another great year for the town’s overall growth.

After several challenging years of lower levels of activity the area is now blossoming again and  buyer interest is coming from all over New Zealand & international quarters. Many people are settling here and making Taupō their home or investing their dollars here for the future or holiday fun. We have strong interest from city buyers who are struggling to keep up with their own markets (especially Auckland) where prices have reached unattainable levels in some cases. The Great Lake Taupō area is definitely now on the shopping list for buyers looking to move here or purchase investment property as our property prices are still within reach of most purchasers.
The question we are often asked is “What is the market going to do in the coming months or years?” Due to increased buyer demand there have been price increases however there will always be affordable buying opportunities in our local markets and a steady volume of sales.
In the upper end of the market unique properties are well sought after from national and international quarters. Buyers can be selective and cautious as they are throughout most areas of NZ, but well priced and widely marketed properties are receiving more interest than past years. With expatriates returning home to a strong New Zealand economy and the government maintaining its current immigration policy the Taupō residential market is attractive to those looking to upgrade or to invest.

There is no doubt that this region is thriving and attracting national and international visitors and although our markets may alter slightly from one year to the next it is one of the most popular areas of New Zealand. From summer through to winter, our sales graphs illustrate year round activity. 

The ever increasing demand to hold major sporting events here, and the commitment of the area’s infrastructure to maintain that attraction by upgrading and fine tuning the facilities on offer, ensures that the Taupō area will remain top of the mind recall for national & international property investors.